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Q1: What is the NDIS?
A1: The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is an Australian government-funded program that offers assistance and financing to people with persistent and substantial disability. Its goal is to help participants in obtaining appropriate services and supports for their specific requirements.

Q2: Who is eligible for the NDIS?
A2: To be eligible for the NDIS, a person must be

  • under 65 years of age,
  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • have a permanent and significant disability that affects their daily living and requires ongoing support.


Q3: How to apply for the NDIS?
A3: To apply for the NDIS, you need to complete an Access Request Form and submit it to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). The form can be downloaded from their website or by contacting the NDIA directly.

Q4: What type of supports are covered under the NDIS?
The NDIS covers a wide range of supports, including therapies, personal care, assistive technology, home modifications, mobility equipment, social participation activities, and more. The supports funded depend on an individual’s needs and goals.

Q5: How NDIS support plans are developed?
A5: NDIS plans are created through a personalised planning process in which a participant collaborates with a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or NDIA planner to determine their objectives, requirements, and preferred supports. The plan specifies the financial assistance as well as the funding amounts assigned to the participant.

Q6: Can I change my NDIS plan?
A6: Yes, NDIS plans are evaluated on a regular basis, and adjustments to the plan can be made if your circumstances or requirements change. If you want more or alternative supports, you can seek a plan review through the NDIA.

Q7: Can I choose my NDIS service providers?
A7: Yes, NDIS participants have the right to choose and manage their chosen service providers. You can select the providers who best fit your requirements.
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Q8: What is Support Coordination?
A8: Support Coordination is a support category under the NDIS in which a Support Coordinator assists you in managing the NDIS, connecting with service providers, and efficiently implementing your NDIS plan.

Q9: Can I use NDIS funds for travel and transport?
A9: Yes, if it is connected to your disability assistance requirements, the NDIS can give funds for travel and transportation. This might involve transportation to and from appointments or to community participation.

Q10: What happens if I move to a different state or region?
A10: If you relocate to another state or region, your NDIS plan and funds will be moved to the new location, and you will continue to get your funded supports.

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NOTE: Please keep in mind that the NDIS standards and policies are subject to change, so always visit the official NDIS website or contact the NDIA for the most up-to-date information and answers to your specific queries.

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